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deliriamore: I've been wanting to get bangs for some time now, but every time I've got them in the past, they've just been really thin. I'd like them to be fuller, but I'm not sure if it's just my hair type or if I could style it differently. Should I talk to my hairdresser about this or?

There is a chance it could be due to very fine, thin hair, but even then I know a lot of people with thin hair who still have thick bangs. I would definitely talk to your stylist and let her know you want thicker fuller bangs. It may just be because she’s not taking them from far enough back. The thickness of the bangs depends on where you part them before you cut. If you part them farther back, and then cut them they’ll obviously have more hair and be thicker, but if you part it closer to the forehead and then cut, they turn out thinner.

broken-cancer-stick: (This is going to be a messy question because I havent cut my hair in 5yrs) so I have thin,dark brown hair,its naturally curly/beach wave-ish but I like to straighten it. My hair is long (over 2ft)& it was layered a few years back& my tips look like those in the pictures. And I like the pointiness (does that even make sense)& I want to get it re-layered but not heavily and make it look like a mop. And I want it to be a few inches shorter. I'm just wondering how I should ask for it to be cut.

I wish I had 2 foot long hair!! I think this may be like the perfect explanation of what you’re talking about.

I’m not sure what you mean by pointy but the first thing that came to my mind was a v type cut. When you ask for layers ask for long layers and tell them you don’t want it too choppy. Remember when getting your hair cut, cosmetologists are probably the worst at measurements lol. You ask for 3 inches and they take 6. I would suggest asking for one inch off just so they dont take too much, and then if you want more you can always get a little trimmed off. Remember you can always get more taken off but you can never put it back on if it’s too short. also if your hair is thin, never let them “Texturize” it. Texturizing is just cosmetologist code for thinning it out. And remember, showing them a picture of what you want is always a million times easier than trying to explain it.

kaylah-raye: hello! i decided that i wold not suit the haircut I had formerly picked. do you have any ideas of "edgier" haircuts for oval faces and longish hair??

Edgier haircuts always look a lot alike, depending on what level of edginess you want, this is a classic, a lot of volume, layers and big swoopy bangs image

This one has super layered bangs 

And lastly, the newest form of edginess, my kind of edginess, the side cut. I have like all of my hair short on one side and then blended to long on the other!

Here’s my soft blend if you havent seen it on here before

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